In my retirement years, based on my background below as a free-lance writer, educator, and accomplished creative thinker, I have chosen to take travel writing, photography, and authoring of books as my main emphasis in life.

I hope you enjoy the travel adventures and blog articles on this site. Soon, there will be a place to review my books and purchase them if that’s your desire. I would love to hear from you, and in the future, for you to review my book coming out this year.

My knowledge of the student, the subject and ability to communicate with a wide variety of people and penchant for through planning has enabled me to develop my authorship in a very unique and intriguing way, with the flow, meaning, and context of the writing tone intent clear and intact.

Persuasion, passion, and knowledge are keys to my success as a writer. Broad and deep knowledge of the concerns of various types of readers in a wide array of genres is critical to me in creating a book you will like.

My knowledge and experience in teaching students from many backgrounds and developing programs to creatively stimulate and motivate them has been carried over to my writing so that you have the best possible reading experience and that experience adds to the ability to provide the content that is most relevant to the writing project.


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