Costa Rican Pura Vida…way of life!

Come along and journey with us to Costa Rica. Find out why the culture has the happiest people on earth. The Costa Rican people are referred to as Ticos–Tico for the male and Tica for the female. The word Tico means “little brother”, which describes the people very well. Hospitality and friendliness are a way of life to them. We were considered part of their family and enjoyed warmth and generosity within the community.

The Costa Ricans respect and honor senior citizens. If one comes into a bank or any public place and standing at the back of the line, they will insist the senior go to the head of line before them. We had many occasions to experience their politeness, respect and hospitality. On one occasion, we stayed with a family who rented a room to us.

Each morning our daily food was delivered to the third floor room on a tray. No food was included in our rent, but it was their concern that we receive food for the day because we had no transportation of our own and had some disability to travel a distance by foot to a restaurant.
The word”No” is not in their vocabulary. No matter what request, they complied with “yes, we would be happy to do that for you!” Another time, the family expressed their pleasure to please us when we were treated to a delicious meal at a restaurant in downtown San Jose. The host sat us and graciously translated the menu, while giving us suggestions for our meal selection. Prompt and courteous response throughout the mealtime produced a relaxed and stress-free event.

Our experience with the Costa Rican lifestyle made us consider never wanting to leaving this bio- diverse ecosystem, with its mountains that meet the Pacific Ocean and all-natural food, with no additives or GMO’s, just to name a few reasons on our list. In fact, one American resident, after moving to the country stated he lost 100 pounds eating the Cost Rican food, without trying to lose weight.

Even though the people are easy going and less stressed, they are not slack workers but diligently seek and work to provide for their families on a daily basis. It was evident everywhere.

Author: JC Rowley

JC Rowley is a freelance travel writer, author and photographer based in Lehigh Acres, Florida. She is a member of ITWPA and shares many of her articles and stories, books and adventures on her website: and "Freelance Travel With Me!" Facebook site. Dedicated Teacher and Accomplished Creative Writer and Thinker