Pesky Fly Infestation


How am I to blame for this pesky fly infestation swirling around my head as I try to dine on my patio?

A food source is innocently placed in a white bag and thrown into the garbage container. Within a few minutes the flies are attracted to the garbage, and especially to white garbage bags. They lay their eggs on the food source. That’s just the beginning of my irritation and trouble. Large numbers of Larvae, better known as maggots, begin investing the garbage container.

This repulsive-looking mess causes me to shriek,

“Charlie do something about this weird worm infestation in the container!”

Charlie calms me down and replies,

“It’s only maggots that want to be a fly that comes and continue to irritate you on the patio. We swat and kill those flies around us and they, in turn, use your garbage to replenish the fold. Haven’t you been listening to me when I expound on the problem of using those white garbage bags? Flies are attracted to the light. They won’t enter a black garbage bag. So, stop using white bags and reduce the number of flies to swat.”

Even though the true fly has a short life, the number of flies that emerge from the larvae mess, more than compensate for one dead fly. It seems to me there is a never-ending supply around me.

Charlie and I love to eat on the patio for all our meals. I think I can beat the fly to the table for breakfast, by sitting down to eat breakfast before dawn.

It’s not long before the light begins to appear at the table, and yes, you guessed it, the fly appears, too.  A fly swatter in one hand and a fork in the other, Charlie the “fly killer king”, eats his breakfast.  The fly swatter is thrown to the ground, and sure enough, the flies know when to return.

If Charlie doesn’t kill them fast enough, I am nagging him to swat this one here and there. You’re probably thinking: “Why do you want to eat on the patio with all that irritation around you?” The answer to this question is we love the outdoors, even with flies whirling around us, and to experience each moment of beauty that surrounds us.

After one especially irritating, teasing fly returns, I wrestle the fly swatter from Charlie and kill it. I decided to look at this insect pest a little closer. The true fly of the order of 1Diptera has one pair of wings that it uses to fly with and the hind wings balance the six legs. Their wing placement gives them great maneuverability. No wonder it’s hard to swat them.

As I continued to examine this fly, two large compound eyes stare me in the face. His mouthpiece designed for lapping and sucking is what I feel when it lands on me.

Charlie in his childhood days at school would catch flies that land on his desk by watching the fly’s legs. When the fly picks up two legs to his body, the fly has less maneuverability. Charlie catches them and put them in the inkwell on his desk. The teacher scolds him when she hears all the buzzing in the sunken container on his desk.

And now that he’s considerably older, I send Charlie in the house to the glass sliding door with the fly swatter to wait for the buzzing fly to come to the light. Their claws and pads on their feet give them an ability to cling to smooth surfaces such as glass.

And for those flies he’s missed, you can find them on the ceiling at night because most ceilings are white.

I shouldn’t be so hard on the fly because they are beneficial to man even if I think they are disgusting.  Flies are second only to bees in pollination. They are used in the health field to clean wounds, and the maggots are used for fishing bait and food for some animals. The maggots also consume dead animal kill. On the negative side, the common housefly spreads food-borne diseases.

A fly is buzzing around my face so it’s time to close and chase that fly.


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Author: JC Rowley

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